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Reverend Danvis Brand-0

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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2004|08:23 pm]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
It has come to my attention that the Danzig tour is canceled, the one with Doyle, the one with a misfits set.

It is a good thing that i didn't already know this yesterday, because i was ready to kill somebody, a particular person, but i didn't because 1 it isn't my house so i don't want other people to have trouble and more importantly if i was in jail i would miss the danzig show, so yeah, somebody might die, soon, because of me, he better hope he dosn't see me around.

I should probably say that danzig not touring is why i did it, he might come visit me in jail.

in other news, hopefully I am going up to see my friend play a rave in tampa, as long as i can fucking get a hold of him.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2004|09:54 am]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
[Feeling? |awakeawake]
[Rockingness |The Faint - Sothern Belles in London Sing]

Iv'e Dremt of a world in wich fame is not decided based on talent or appearence, but rather upon the likeliness of a person to kill thousands upon thousands of people in a mass genocidal holocaust just because they don't get what they want. That may just be the world for me.

In other news the faint, danzig, and best of all cancerslug all came out with cds this year, and that is ofcorse awesome.

I must go see all of these bands on their respective tour, obviously to those of you that do read this I did go see cancerslug this year, so just 2 more bands (although I won't refuse to see cancerslug (ever)).

The faint are playing in orlando on the 23rd and I am so there, and the second i find out the closest danzig show I am there too.

One more thing for any stoners reading this, because this is the one time when your opinion matters, well it dosn't really but I'm curious.

Say for some reason it is important to you that you commit suicide as soon as possable, and you just happen to have an ounce of cryp, do you smoke the entire bag first or do you kill yourself and get it over with.
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New Song [Aug. 19th, 2004|05:35 pm]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
On the Edge of Darkness

Sitting on the edge of darkness,
nature waves me in,
asking me to come and play,
fear consumes me,
what to say

I see the edge,
afraid to cross,
what is out there,
will I be lost

I want to know,
what lies outside,
whats its secret,
what does it hide

I stand up,
to test my fear,
what is out there,
home it near

I have passed the boundry,
chills run up my spine,
is there death around me,
I want to run and hide

but I need to face the darkness,
the unknown must be seen

My latest song, based around while I was sitting on my porch alone on 2ce and the plants kept on asking me to venture forth. I should take lots more psycodelics, by myself, and write songs I bet I could write at least 5 a night if I concentrated.
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2004|12:52 am]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
[Feeling? |hungryhungry]
[Rockingness |Silence]


Day 2

-we are in Georgia the foulest smelling state I have been in so far

-we eat at the coldest Waffle house ever

-We get pulled over because russ was slightly going into the next lane

-At some point we travel back trough time an hour

-I pass out for a while and we are getting out to go to Micky Dees

-I pass out again and we go shopping for fireworks in the "Tennessee Alabama Frieworks" Store and ask for m80s but they say they are illegal so we go to another fireworks store and they say the same thing and we buy some m90s but they suck

-all the while Russ and Joe are convinced that we are already in Alabama but I'm telling them we are in Tennessee

-We enter Alabama and I pretty much say I told you so

-We make it to Huntsville at about 9:00 am and set out to find a goodwill for some long pants because I am cold (yeah I'm a pussy)

-We in the process brake almost every traffic law I can think of because there are no cops to be seen at all

-We ask a gas station attendant where the good will is, and in some jumbled form of a indian accent and a sother drawl he mumbles something about a bridge and what I think he was calling old school road

-We follow his directions to the best of our ability and stumble across a Salvation Army

-I find some really cool brown courdaroy pants and Joe and Russ each get long sleeve shirts

-We leave to find something to do with a good 9 or 10 hours until the show

-We proceed to get lost

-We find the goodwill

-it sucks but the lady in there gives us directions to the mall

-the mall sucks

-we all eat

-we get lost again

-we see signs telling us where visitor info is so we follw them, and then we get a map

-I become the navigator and find a skate park

-everybody is really young athe the skate park when we make it there and really bad at skating

-We leave to go to another skate park

-which happens to be a "STATE" park because I'm a bad navigator

-we climb down a montian

-Russ and Joe get really tired getting back up

-We go back to the skate park

-There is the worst skating compition imaginable going on and that is the intermediate skaters

-The Advanced skaters are almost as bad

-We decide we would rather sit outside of the old mill than watch it for any longer

-We get there and the Black Metal band is setting up and it is like 6

-they set up for a while

-We find out there is a rave at 2 after cancerslugs show

-We watch the band set up for a long time

-cancerslug show up at about 7:30

-Rob eventually shows up and tll their cars get locked inside the gates so Alex asks Russ for a ride to the store

-I ask Rob to get me a case of bud

-I offer Russ and Joe beer and they don't want any

-so I tell everybody that it is fair game as long as I get enough

-the Black Metal Band starts playing finally

-I finish off about 11 beers in a little over an hour (which is alot for my skinny ass)

-I talk to Alex and Rob during this period

-I go puke at the bathroom which is probably about 50 yards from where I'm standing when I decide to puke

-Cancerslug goes on stage and I promptly lean against it and sing every word I can to every song

-I get to go up during Lone Wolf and Cycle of the Wolf

-I don't know what order this happened in...

-I get a couple swigs of Whisky
-I get Hit over the Head with Kyles Guitar and don't notice but I start bleeding all over

-We shit around for a while and go to Alex and Kathys house

-I stumble about their house for a little

-I empty my pockets

-I pass out

-When I wake up I am in Georga again with empty pockets and it sucks

and now I yet again don't feel like writing anymore, so I'm just going to say I want to watch the DVD so bad to see what exactly happened at the show
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Why does everybody dislike me the first time I pass out drunk on a floor in front of them [Aug. 9th, 2004|09:32 pm]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
[Feeling? |contemplativecontemplative]
[Rockingness |Cancerslug - Kill Me]

long enough subject?

let me explain...

I went to alabama this weekend let me take you through the trip step by step.

day 1

9:00 AM

-get on the bus for St Lucie (aids capitol of florida) for free and call Russ for the first of many times of not remembering the name of the city I'm meeting him in.

-get a hour and a half lay over in psl so I do the only reasonable thing go shopping at Cosmic Kiss the porno store located right next to the bus stop and leave with a ball gag and a bondage bracelet


-I leave PSL

-while on the bus I meet the most charming crack dealer who offers to smoke me out and me thinking it is just pot take my first hit of crack ever in the little bathroom in the back of a greyhound

-he offers me money and a glass piece for my cd player and I decline so he gives me the piece anyways saying he dosn't need it

-he makes friends with another crack dealer that just got out of jail and is on the way to a halfway house, and acquires a connection


-I get off the bus with a 1:25 hour layover never to see this wonderful individual again

-I look for a fast food place only to find the closest thing in downtown Tampa is a single Subway

-It was delicious

-I stash the bowl under a tree (to later find out that I will never see it again)


-I leave Tampa to arrive in Spring hill at about...


-my bus is about half an hour late and I meet Russ and Joe and we depart

and that is most of what happened in the first day I'm pretty sure we made it well into Georgia before midnight, I'll finish writing now also because...

-I'm tired of writing

-The very few people that read this will definitely stop reading if I go on for too long

...So stay tuned for...

-Our Hatred of Huntsville


-Blood in my Eyes
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Last Night [Jun. 29th, 2004|02:07 pm]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
[Feeling? |contentcontent]
[Rockingness |Cancerslug - Pale Moon Light]

Last night I totally got a call from Jason asking if I wanted to come over and drink and hang out, and I was like sweet! So I came over and made Kamikazes but we didn't have a pitcher so we made them in a big bowl, they were so good I must have popped like 45 boners. I got a little drunk and it was totally awsome, and this insane Lithuanian chick totally showed up along with some people I hadn't seen in months, and the girl totally flipped out and kidnapped me.

When we got to the house all but me and my kidnapper and a 12 year old kid neither of us really knew went to sleep, so we played pool and air hockey and pinball and shit, and the 12 year old kept locking us in the room when he left.

We eventually (around 4 or 5) got him to let us go to bed, so we went to bed but totally couldn't sleep because he kept coming in the room to bug us which was totally not cool. And then we couldn't sleep when he finally left us alone, so we stayed up all night and made out in his bed (which was hot!), and while we were making out I scratched her back, and she made me scratch her back legs neck and arms for at least the next hour, then we went to sleep.

It was fun. And if you don't believe me you are be biggest fucking idiot in the world and should totally get a life.

And I recently got the REAL ULTIMATE POWER book, it is awsome... and thats a fact.
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So everybody knows because I am really excited [Jun. 17th, 2004|10:51 am]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
[Feeling? |jubilantjubilant]
[Rockingness |The Sounds - Rock 'n' Roll]

I am moving!

To Tallahassee in August.

So I will finally be out of Stuart Florida, and I will finally be able to leave the state without too much trouble. So I can go to Norlins, Atlanta, Alabama in half the time. And we are gonna get a house and mabye I will find some people that are willing to make evil dark hatefilled music.
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Still I Breathe the Air in Deeply... [May. 26th, 2004|09:38 pm]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
[Feeling? |ecstaticecstatic]
[Rockingness |Cancerslug - Destruction]

My Most Recent Song
Upon a Pale Horse

Watching you in pain
waiting for the end
you have slit your wrists
death is now your friend

your memories they hurt
tears drip down your face
mixing with your blood
life was a disgrace

Death rides in
turns out the lights
if you wern't dead
you would die of fright
but at this point
its just releif
the reaper rides in
to end your grief

you know him
though you've never met
you know him
he is not a threat

Heated pulsing
bloody mess
his hand reaches
into you're chest

he pulls out your final breath
thank you escapes then you rest

Death rides in
turns out the lights
if you wern't dead
you would die of fright
but at this point
its just releif
the reaper rides in
to end your grief

Well Cancerslug's new demos for "Curse Aracnum" are out and I am sitting in my room all night tonite listening to them over and over. Because they fucking rule.
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Awww... How Sweet [May. 19th, 2004|06:46 pm]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
My friend, boss and future roommate just got back from colorado. He had presents for me, (things to add to my collections). He gave me a wind up "Nunzilla" which is exactly what it sounds like it would be a toy that walks and shoots sparks from its mouth and he got me a piece for my "glass" collection. A crack pipe, he didn't know that it was a crack pipe, poor innocent boy.

So now I have a crack pipe.

I'll post pictures eventually.
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2004|02:44 am]
Reverend Danvis Brand-0
In regard to my previous post, I will put an end to the rumors yes I was caught eating a booger, ok you are you happy now!?!

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