Reverend Danvis Brand-0 (danvisbrand_0) wrote,
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woah, uhhh

Uhhh, I met my dad

and I have work for a couple weeks starting the 2nd

and I did this here thingy

and I love living in the city

and I like my new shoes alot

and I love my new squat

and I love beer

I don't quite love the crazy girl who everybody thinks is my girlfriend
that took a knife to my friends throat
and always wants to have sex with me
but incists she is a lesbian

but I get to escape her

and have a free bed

and possably never see her again after saturday
or mabye even sooner

I am willing to admit that what I really want is what I can't have
or atleast I don't believe I can
because I was pretty interested
until she was

well, I'm going to rap this up

check out that thing I have on the homeless site

fuck all
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