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I need to stop drinking bourbon and waking up in places I don't recognise.

What I remember of yesterday...
Get up,
Use foodstamps to get everybody bagels,
take Otis, Hellboy and this kid that I can't remember the name of to GG Park for them to trip,
Go to the hill to try and find dave and lola,
find them on punker hill,
and as far as I can remember we drank about 2 half gallons but we might have drank 3 between like 5 or 6 of us then I for sure blacked out right after I got socked in the face while walking away

While I was blacked out...
I managed to stumble around trying to take a piss while exposing myself to a bunch of little kids,
fall down while pissing on myself,
passed out on the hill,
got dragged up it by 3 people,
and at somepoint I got drop kicked

All before 1 in the afternoon

then I woke up at 11:30 with the distinct feeling of having pissed myself and a lip about as fat as my thumb.

oh yeah!
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